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Carbon-fiber with air microspaces inside composite

Bunch of C-fibers 1 mm under surface of the organic composite

Infrared picture of structure
of the sample

Organic composite absorption spectrum in IR

Adjustment of the laser-beam expander

Plasma in magnetic field

Luminescence of ZnS in UV radiation

Microvacancies in the material read by microluminescent technique

Tomogram. of structure of the material

Polarizing microscopy in practice

The history: making of the prototype of air-cooled CO2 laser 60 W

Preparation of the measuring laser

Plasma in the laser-tube

Clusters of the Fe2O3, 800x magnified

2. harmonic of the YAG-laser in microscopy

The structure of the liquid

Organic fluid properties

Unconventional analysis of the compound through the gaseous discharge