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Transfer know-how

An essential characteristic of my work, enabling me to extend my work, is the transfer know-how, including above all the transfer of computational methods. Examples:
  • For computing the Boltzman equation for shielding against ionizing radiation I used procedures that I primarily applied to the developing of lasers.
  • For computing the flow of highly viscose fluids (necessary for the technology of nano-materials for shielding) I used modified telegraph equations
  • I used frequently analogies between transport phenomena in the course of the transport of the heat, momentum and mass. I could applied the software which I primarily developed for laser technique for solution of the flow of the fluids
  • It is possible to apply the procedures used in electro techniques, e.g.::
    • in optics
    • in vacuum techniques (hydraulic conductivity of pipes, simulation of variations of the pressure in vacuum space...)
    I developed the optics of the screen for the X-ray amplifier by means of methods commonly used in astronomy.